Neon Doves

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Hello, I’m Hayley Francis. I'm 5'2" like woah, my favorite color is green, and I’m a total sucker for creativity. I thrive on interiors, fashion, and hold an arguably unhealthy obsession with rugs. An obsession that started with my home, in which I have lovingly curated with vintage & Moroccan pieces from all over the world.

I’m a freelance interior decorator, stylist, rug slinger, and fashion blogger under the name of Neon Doves, a name that derived from my best friend, and old roommate, who I call Dove. She calls me Dove, so we’re Doves. She’s also a photographer, so it works out quite well. Neon was added in because shit, I’m pretty loud. Quite the mix, eh? I started Neon Doves five years ago focusing solely on fashion. Recently, I’ve switched my attention to more of a mix of fashion, interior, and obviously RUGS.

I guess I could say I have a hard time sticking to just one thing. Some say I’m rather ADD- most likely why I cannot stick with just one focus...And probably why my boyfriend thinks I’m a cartoon. Which, obviously I take as a compliment.

In reality, the perfect rug is the cherry on top of a beautifully curated home, room, or even a simple hallway. It makes or breaks design. Colors, classics, and trends of a home are in fact, very much, in line with fashion. With that, here I am, juggling heaps of ideas, and loving (mostly) every moment.

I started focusing on Neon Doves’ journey, and what I truly wanted out of life, when the legend of creativity, Laurence Francis, also known as my mama, passed away in 2017. It was the year of absolute shit. But alas, since then, my fears about life have slowly started to subside, and I’ve been trying to not take things too seriously. So, why not grab life by the rug, and attempt to do what I love!? With that, here I am with all of the rugs, shopping too much, and decorating homes. Thanks for coming along for the ride, my friends!