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Walk of Shame

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2017. WHAT A YEAR! Said no ever. Let's just admit it, this year sucked. It was so shit it was essentially equivalent to your worst walk of shame ever. Not that I know that feeling.......... ..... I'm just assuming it doesn't feel too good.

Good news is, I'm feeling good about 2018. Seven was a hideous number and eight is pretty. Insert the moment where we sing I GOTTA FEEELINNNNN! Coming clean i hate that song, but it has a time and a place, and that time is now.

So cheers to you, 2018. We've been waiting for you so you better brang it. God dammit I've walk of shamed it to you this entire year. I've barely stayed above water waiting for you. I've cried all the tears waiting for you. I've laid awake for far too many hours waiting for you. You are so precious to me that I even dressed up for your arrival. When one wears shoulder pads, you know they mean business. Come in for the real thing, 2018, because I'm a god damn hugger and it's so good to see you. 


Dress from Zara


Fallow me

Hayley Francis

Fallow me into Fall, my peeps! How the eff is it Fall? I'm pretty sure I say that when any new season comes because time is going by way too effing fast and I'm annoyed. I'm actually partially lying because this last season didn't really go by quickly for me, it was actually terribly slow, but I still feel like I somehow missed Summer. Maybe that's how Summer always feels? Like a blink. It's such a treasured little unicorn in Seattle that the moment it leaves you just feel almost...confused? It's possible that many of you are reading this and questioning my sanity (or sobriety), but that's okay. Per usual, I'm deeply saddened to say goodbye to shorts. Pants are just overrated, man. So here's to one last hurrah paired with my new favorite Fall sweater. Peep it!


Photos by Stephanie Severance

AALTO sweater 

Rue stiic shorts

Alexander Wang trifold shoulder bag

Serpent Sity

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I'm not sure if I'm late to the game, but I've recently come across a new brand that I'm slightly (weirdly) obsessed with called Paloma Wool. I know right? Sweet name. Palomaaaa. Paloma. Who doesn't like saying Paloma? Anyway, the Spanish brand is filled with linen galore, and I can't get enough. I also weirdly have a love for serpents so when I stumbled across this two piece linen getup with serpents all over it, I said what up girl.... you're my new favorite go-to wedding fit, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for serving me well, this wedding season. And another wedding season bites the dust. Peep it:


Photos by Maddie Lismore

Paloma Wool top in a different color

Paloma Wool pants in a different color

Mercedes Castillo kicks

To the Moon and Back

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There's this super sweet ice cream place that no one in Seattle knows about (I'm so effing hipster) and I just feel the need to tell all you readers who I ador to the moon and back, and it's called.... Molly Moons (did you catch that pun?)

Jay kay my fellow Seattleites, I know it's no secret and easily compared to Fall's pumpkin spice latte which I'm obsessed with but, what's even better, is an Americano with a pump of pumpkin. So goodt goodt and not as sugary (or expensive). You're welcome. 

My go-to jam at Molly Moons is obvs a waffle cone, strawberry ice cream, with balsalmic sauce - bomb digs. But today I went with sprinkles instead because I was craving them so bad. I lie, it's because they look cuter. Don't care. Peep it!