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I've spent the majority of my adult life residing in the city of Seattle, yet I still find it necessary to rely on google maps a good 50% of the time. Actually that's not entirely true, but 50% of the time I don't exaaaactly know how to get from one place to another. The last couple of years I've decided to embrace my inability to identify with geography and just drive around until I find my way home. I surprisingly rarely make a wrong turn, so I'd actually say I know my way around better than I give myself credit and it's more of the general habit of relying on my phone for everything. So what does that mean for our future children...? Scary thought. 
Unfortunate proof that I don't know my city inside and out when I really really effing should is the fact that for the past couple of years I've made a decent yet unsuccessful effort looking for a conservatory to enjoy all the pretty greenery they have to offer and perhaps take a pic or two as well. Coincidentally my friend Sacha recently stumbled across one in arguably the most famous and obvious parks in Seattle; Volunteer Park. 
She too had been aimlessly searching for a Greenhouse in the city with little advancement, but not nearly as long as I had. And while the park is just steps from her house, she at least has the legit excuse of being NEW to Seattle. I have no excuse. Point of this ramble is that I'm super stoked to have finally found this sweet house of cacti and I need to continue exploring the city on a more determined level since there's undoubtedly many more Seattle treasures I've been missing out on. FOMO.
Paired with my favorite succulent cacti babies is my favorite fit these days. Easy high rise trousers paired with this luscious velvet crop top, cashmere beanie, and new purse that I'm fully vibing on and highly recommend. I'm really into small purses because I absolutely hate lugging around my entire life with me. This one is small yet practical allowing you to fit the essential phone, wallet, keys, gum, and chapstick. Peep it:
Photos by Sacha Columbia
Wilfred top
Vince purse
Babaton beanie
Rachel comey kicks
Catbird and vintage rings