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To the Moon and Back

Hayley FrancisComment

There's this super sweet ice cream place that no one in Seattle knows about (I'm so effing hipster) and I just feel the need to tell all you readers who I ador to the moon and back, and it's called.... Molly Moons (did you catch that pun?)

Jay kay my fellow Seattleites, I know it's no secret and easily compared to Fall's pumpkin spice latte which I'm obsessed with but, what's even better, is an Americano with a pump of pumpkin. So goodt goodt and not as sugary (or expensive). You're welcome. 

My go-to jam at Molly Moons is obvs a waffle cone, strawberry ice cream, with balsalmic sauce - bomb digs. But today I went with sprinkles instead because I was craving them so bad. I lie, it's because they look cuter. Don't care. Peep it!

Neutral Shmeutral

I think it's safe to say that I'm really not into neutrals these days. They're so boring and not cute and I'm just supes over it. #neutralshmeutral
Just kidding, I'm basically obsessed. I bet you couldn't tell though, could you?

Quick shout out to Pipe + Row for once again providing all these glorious threads that I've been wearing entirely too often. And this coat? I die. I was just informed it comes in grey too and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't gonna cop that ish reeeal quick. Peep that ish:

Photos by Maddie Lismore
Baggu bag
Solsana kicks
Catbird and Fresh Tangerine rings
Blq basiq top
Blq Basiq coat