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Practical Shmactical

Christmas with the family this year was great! Fam, friends, food, fabulousness. I'm sad it's over but it's always a bitter sweet goodbye. The end of all the built up excitement through Christmas music, ugly sweaters, and pretty lights is sad, but you also get to enjoy the gift of giving... and receiving, heh heh. As a kid I couldn't handle the countdown to Christmas and pretty much didn't sleep the entire month of December. Next level excitement is what we call that. I also believed in Saint Nicholas until third grade so..... yeah. That's too old. Anyhoo, this year I'd been eagerly hoping and awaiting a jacket I'd been eyeing for over a year now, which is the Stutterheim Stockholm jacket that Pipe + Row carries. I know, I shop there entirely too often, but I just can't help it! They got it goin on. When my sweet mama went to swoop my jacket baby of glory she apparently looked at it with pure confusion and said to Kayla, Pipe + Row owner and close friend of mine, wow.. Hayley really picked this out?? It seems so... so.. so practical.

Touché, mama.. touché.

I may not have a like for pants and rep shorts when it's 55 degrees out, but hey, I'm still from the pnw and can spot a bomb dot com rain coat a mile away. Especially when there's realistically only one sweet one on the market....  Peep it:
Photos by Maddie Lismore

Achro side slit sweater dress
Stutterheim jacket
Sol Sana tabbie wedge kicks 
Fresh Tangerine gold rings 
Catbird silver pinky rings