Neon Doves

Summer Skin

Hayley Francis

Summer is coming to an end, and I'm pretty much very sad about it. Could cry, really. I'm grasping onto the idea of Fall and the single month of it that I actually enjoy before we start seeing the sun fade away earlier and earlier and winter approaching quicker and quicker... sick.

But I can't let my brain go there yet! We still have a solid month of sunshine left in Seattle. September Seattle Summer, guys. It's a thing I swear.

I basically spent my entire summer in one (maybe three) different outfits. You just can't go wrong with a crop and jean shorts. And these shorts? Okay everyone needs to buy them because they fit the best, they aren't too short, and they are comfy. No, I'm serious, they're actually comfortable. #trust. I got them in three colors because I'm a god damn freak.

Cheers to you, Summer. You and your beautiful summer skin. 


Photos by Maddie Lismore

All digs are from Pipe + Row - top // shorts //

I also highly recommend the dress version of the shirt, which I also have and live in. It's reversible!