Neon Doves

Down with OPP

Hayley Francis

I've been out of the blogging game for a hot minute and I want to apologize, my sweet angel readers. Life got fast real quick. It's annoying. But you want to know what's not annoying? The fact that it's Spring and I no longer have to wear pants or abide by social norms when it comes to clothing pairs! Not that I ever do, as we know, but my favorite combo - a chunky sweater and shorts - is something that weather is permitting without comments from people, and it will only last so long, so let's take advantage of the precious weeks of June Gloom, my friends. Let's just get effing down with it. Like OPP, down with it. Also, special shout out to my main Seattle Squeeze, Pipe & Row, because essentially this entire fit is from there. One of those shopping days that was so good you don't even have regret. Staples galore and I'm OBSESSED. Peep it:


Sweater, kicks, shorts from Pipe+Row

Shades by Rayban

Photos by Maddie Lismore