Neon Doves

Fallow me

Hayley Francis

Fallow me into Fall, my peeps! How the eff is it Fall? I'm pretty sure I say that when any new season comes because time is going by way too effing fast and I'm annoyed. I'm actually partially lying because this last season didn't really go by quickly for me, it was actually terribly slow, but I still feel like I somehow missed Summer. Maybe that's how Summer always feels? Like a blink. It's such a treasured little unicorn in Seattle that the moment it leaves you just feel almost...confused? It's possible that many of you are reading this and questioning my sanity (or sobriety), but that's okay. Per usual, I'm deeply saddened to say goodbye to shorts. Pants are just overrated, man. So here's to one last hurrah paired with my new favorite Fall sweater. Peep it!


Photos by Stephanie Severance

AALTO sweater 

Rue stiic shorts

Alexander Wang trifold shoulder bag