Neon Doves

Light My Fire


For those of you that have been following me on the 'gram, well thank you, that is very kind. And you'll also know that I've been spending most my down time at home by the fire, specifically on this long sheepskin that has kept me oh so warm in this oh so cold and grey weather in Seattle. Literally calling it the worst winter in years and seasonal sadness is the real deal. The dreary vibes have me craving ultra comfortable clothes, or maybe that's just the stage I'm at in life now? Comfort. I just hate being uncomfortable. Heels? Can't go past 3 inches. Pants? They need to be loose and silky or mold to the bod and feel oh so comf. Same goes for my living space. Layers, fur, softness, and warmth make for a situation that allows for the ultimate comfort. So let's hang out by the fire, my peeps.

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox

Are You Am I top

Loeffler Randall suede mules

Pipe & Row & vintage rings

Aritzia silk trousers