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Like clothes, I've always had a love for interiors. The two kind of come hand in hand really, when you think about it. Minimalist movement in the home? Minimalist movement in the wardrobe. Freebird bohemian in the home? Freebird boho in the wardrobe. Or maybe you're like me and like to mix it up a bit, but you catch my drift. With my first home I've steadily been working on each room with the heaviest attention on the living room; the area I knew I'd be spending the most time because it has a warm fireplace where I like to drink lots of tea and wine (duh), and it also shares an open floor plan with the dining area, so it's where I entertain and eat thai takeout at least once (maybe twice...) a week. It's also home to our TV where I enjoy watching Teen Mom and Survivor, so that's realistically why I spend most my time there.... no judging now, guys. Don't knock it 'til you try it #TeenMomOG #TheTribeHasSpoken. 

As each room progresses I'll be posting them on the blog when I feel they're ready enough because let's be real here, nothing ever really feels


ready. Paired with comfy loose threads and AIX rosé, here she is in all her glory, my first interiors post.. the living room. I hope you dig her, peeps: 

Including Photography by

Alyssa Wilcox


Maddie Lismore

Are You Am I


Elizabeth Suzann


Dusen Dusen


ATG Stores



wood vase

West Elm coffee table - similar one found





cocktail glass

Vintage rug from

Loom + Field 

Vintage sofa, lamp, rug, ducks