Neon Doves

Van Life

Winter is near but I'm soaking in Fall's glory until she inevitably leaves us yet again. I have to say, I was ready for Fall to come this year, which is unusual for me given that my love for Summer is almost as intense as my love for Panda Express. But this year I really craved that fresh crisp air and beautiful leaves, although something I wasn't anticipating was the ridiculous amount of rain we've gotten. Yeah yeah, Seattle rains allllll the time. This is actually a bit of a myth - it's usually just grey outside - but Fall's wetness level has been the real deal, my friends. To our luck the sun decided to come out momentarily last week, her and all her glory, and I took advantage of it by cropping up my fave tee and pouncing around this retro van. The owner of it was definitely peeping out of their window wondering why I was dancing around their mode of transportation, but the admiration is real. As real as these kicks that I snagged in Berlin and have rarely taken off since - in love. Black mules are a must have this season! Peep it-

LACAUSA trousers
CRAP shades
Aritzia tee
Meno de Mosso kicks - similar ones found here.