Neon Doves

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Sometimes you just need to feel that Seattle history, you know what I'm sayin? Embrace the sweet 90s that set the tone for Seattle's music scene and essentially made the city an underground music mecca, which is pretty sweet. I'm actually SUPER good at the base guitar, did you know that? Just kidding, that's a lie. In fact I've found myself, more than once, googling 'what's the difference from a bass and electric guitar?' because god damn they look really similar guys! But let's just forget that and focus on this extra grungy situation below. The sparkly aspect of the dress doesn't fully scream grunge, but I feel like the fact that I'm standing in someone's junkyard garage with 90s nostalgia and sunglasses on that bring me two steps closer to Kurt Cobain make up for the lack of flannel, don't you think? Peep it-

Are You Am I dress
Veda jacket
Won Hundred mules
Baleen necklace
Vintage shades