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Party Babe Club

How it's already mid August is beyond my comprehension... it really is. HOW?

Remember in grade school when we would count down the days before summer as if it was Christmas day because those three months really felt like an entire year. An entire summer with NO school? Heaven. And time just went by so much slower.. and I'm pretty sure time will continue to speed up with each year going forward. It's actually rude.
My childhood was filled with the best summer memories because we spent most of our weekends down on South Puget Sound at what my family and I call The Beach. Up until age 12 it's great, we played kick the can, went tubing, clammed, jumped and camped on the trampoline, and started clubs like, oh I don't know, The Party Babe Club? That's right, The Party Babe Club. A radicool club that consisted of six girls all under the age of eight. Party babes crushed mac n cheese, ate candy from the marina, and apparently "saw everythinnnng". At least, that's what the Party Babe Book told me that I found under one of our bunkbeds when I was 18. That paper "book" had a cover on it with a huge eye beautifully crafted in crayon with a title that said Party Babe Club. WE SEE EVERYTHING. Oh boy did we see everything. Everything as in three polaroids.
polaroid one: Louis the dogg eating grass
polaroid two: Mom moeing the lon
polaroid three: Dad, pisst off at mom

You adults couldn't get anything past the Party Babe Club....

I've recently reached the age where I now want to go back to The Beach all the time, and the end of summer means another summer ended at The Beach. It's grown to be my adult happy place. The place where you walk around in your dirty sandals and a swimsuit and forget that school, I mean work, is just around the corner. Peep my happy place, also known as founder of The Party Babe Club, The Beach:
Photos by Maddie Lismore

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