Neon Doves


-Considering I woke up Monday with a fever, and on Wednesday thinking it was a Saturday, I'm happy to Thank God it's Friday. Oh Friday, my darling, it's nice to see you again. I've missed you this past week... you 'ol dog you ;-)

*Side note to dudes: avoid texting winks to a chick you're vibing on. It's just kinda creepy. You're welcome.

To celebrate my love for Friday I bring a big smile and a really comfortable outfit. I pretty much haven't taken this situation off since I bought it, and I'm okay with that. The hat allows for extra days without the washing of thy hair, and the onesy is like straight PJs. BOMB. Peep it:

Lacausa romper
Janessa Leone hat
Aritzia tapestry clutch
Fresh Tangerine and Catbird rings