Neon Doves

Shaka to me Baby

When my friend Kayla told me that hawaiian flowers and palm leaves were coming back in style two years ago I told her she was trippin and should legitimately check herself. Immediately. Bright colorful flowers in the middle of this minimal movement? What are we, throwin up the shaka sign too? Needless to say, with the ever popular palm spring steez in full force, I'm definitely eating my words now. Not gonna lie, I haven't exactly jumped onto the tropical hawaiian floral game, but I am so obsessed with palm leaves it's actually not even normal. In fact, I'm getting our bedroom hung with palm leaf wallpaper in a couple weeks and I'm so excited I could probably pee my pants. My obsession is just mildly apparent in my apparel these days since you'll typically find me wearing this top, shorts, or both together, at least four days out of the week. Summer go-to has officially been found. Kayla, you're a style guru, and it's no wonder Pipe + Row continues to drop it like it's hot. Peep it:
Photos by Maddie Lismore
Chloe Oliver top & bottom
Aritzia bag
Krewe Du Optic shades
Rachel Comey mules
Fresh Tangerine, Catbird NYC & vintage rings.