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Big Sureal

It's officially wedding season, and we started it off with a bang in Big Sur a couple weeks ago. I love Northern California and I question moving there every time I visit my sister in San Francisco. Jelly. Getting to Big Sur has been described as a pain but the drive is so bomb that it doesn't feel inconvenient and it's nice putting a fat check on the big 'ol bucket list. My friends that tied the knot somehow managed to throw a Brangelina wedding with leather poufs, paper umbrellas, mexican blankets, vintage magazine worthy tabletop settings, and I could keep talking, but essentially it was a magical land of bliss that people dream of. I felt so honored to be included and per yooz I cried at the ceremony, it was so perfect. To anyone that's able to hold back those tears, what is your secret?
I think my favorite part of this particular wedding is that seriously a month, maybe a month and a half prior, they didn't even know where they were going to get married, let alone the logistics. HOWWW did they pull off what may be the coolest party I'll ever go to, I'm not sure. She's a genie in a bottle and someone let her out is my only explanation. To add to its coolness, they chose a garden attire theme and I accidentally matched my comfy romper with the ocean, so I felt like I did something right, oh heyyy.

It's gonna be an insanely hard one to top, peeps, but bring it. #weddingseason
iphone photography by me & the boy

Stone Cold Fox romper
Rachel Comey mules in blush - similar color found here
Krewe du optic shades
Aritzia blush purse