Neon Doves

The Wall

I have a weird obsession with this wall in Wallingford. Its colors are on point and it has a pink floyd vibe to it that reminds me that oh my god wow it's a wall and pink floyd has an album named The Wall! ISN'T THAT FREAKING CRAZY? Okay it's not but every time I walk or drive by the wall I think of my pink floyd era which was in high school and included a laser light show with my high school crush thinking god dammit this is so cool. We even got to drive to said laser show because oh heyy we're sixteen now and what are you gonna do about it WORLD? It's possible that a friend of mine (you know who you are) ended up puking by the end of the show because they... because they had the stomach flu? I miss those teenage days. So this goes out to all you teenage dirtbags out there. Stay dirty but don't forget to get into college. It's fun.
Okay but equally important to laser shows, sixteen year olds, and pretty walls is my love for this blush leather purse that I basically haven't taken off since the day I bought it. I could stare at this piece of beauty for far too long and I'm constantly cleaning it because I want it to stay so fresh and so clean clean so it lasts an eternity. So basically I found my perfect summer bag, and I'm pretty effin stoked, y'all. Peep it:

Photos by Sacha Columbia

Veda suede jacket in a similar green here
Aritzia blush purse
Won Hundred mules
Aritiza top
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