Neon Doves


It's possible there's a Starbucks less than a block from my work but I've been driving ten minutes out of my way at 7am every morning to a different Starbucks that still carries the pumpkin flavoring because that potion is seriously the jam. That was until last week when they told me they were being forced to throw the P-Spice flavoring away because of the new season. THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS I said. Just kidding, I was nice. I did "jokingly" ask if they would give it to me instead of throwing it away, though. They said norude.  

I guess the positive is that Spring is now here, so I should just let it go. Plus Spring means sun, flowers, long days, and I can now wear sweet dresses and shorts! Okay but who am I really kidding, I wear both of those articles of clothing all year round.... but hey, now it's more socially acceptable! Peep it:

Dusen dusen dress
Forever 21 fur coat
Rachel Comey kicks