Neon Doves

Miami Vice

It's feeling tropical as can be here in the good 'ol PNW with temps hitting 80 degrees like no big deal. We've been on and off hitting those numbers since early April, which is seriously unheard of, and seriously awesome. To celebrate I scoped the Seattle scenes with photographer and friend Sacha to find the most tropical setting there is, and we succeeded. I mean I may as well be in miami vice with this sharp greenery and poppin pink contrast. Feelin it! I'm also feeling these silk pants that couldn't be more comfortable.
 When I find a piece of clothing that I can wear to work and outside of work, I essentially cut the price in half because these bad boys will be worn DOUBLE TIME. So with this super smart mathematic equation these luxuriously luscious pantelones are only sixty bucks. So basically they're a must have. Peep it:
Photos by Sacha Columbia
Artiza top
Vince purse
Aritzia pants
Won Hundred mules