Neon Doves

Levi, I Love You.

Once upon a time I stared at a website called Re/Done at least once a week for a handful of months. I stared at their levi jeans that they buy, refurbish, and resell for a pretty hefty price. So basically they probably buy them for ten dollars and change a few features, or maybe don't at all, and resell them for a stupid dumb dumb price. At least that's the hunch I initially had and I couldn't bring myself to buy them no matter how bad I wanted the perfect pair of levis, but then.... I did it. I finally bit the bullet and I swear, they fit like a magical glove that a fairy delivered to me. I'm obsessed with them. Okay but I kinda feel like Re/Done should pay me for writing this post since I'm essentially marketing how genius they are, but whatevs. Maybe one day. Hey Re/done, if you're reading this will you please send me another pair of jeans but for free? Or a good 'ol coupon will do too! Just sayin. 

Real talk though, if you too have been eyeing their site but just couldn't bring yourself to do it, just do it, girl. They really have perfected the refurbished jean business model and there's nothing better than the perfect pair of levi's. Oh Levi, how I love you so. Peep it:
Photography by Stephanie Severance

Levi's by Re/Done, obviously
Ray-bans shades
Are You Am I top
Won Hundred mules
Veda suede jacket