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The Freshest of Fresh

When I was 24 I couldn't understand any person who didn't stack their wrists with bracelet upon bracelet. Beaded, friendship, gold cuffs, leather wraps. You name it, I repped it. And to be honest, I felt two levels cuter when I had my bracelet babies on. They were my armor. I know, kind of ridiculous isn't it? I compare it to a manicure. Like why the eff do I feel so much better when there's shiny stuff on my nails? It's actually bizarre when you think about it.
As trends have progressed and my age has... what's a different word for increased? As my age has become wiser, I've jumped on the simple is more train when it comes to jewelry. Now don't get it twisted, simple is more is different than less is more because I definitely rep hellza rings, but I'm just not feeling gypsy gems, hippie opals, or stacks of bracelets anymore. In fact, within the past few years I've felt the same way about my rings as my 24 year old self felt about my hippie bracelets. So basically you'll always find my fingers embraced with clean gold, rose, and silver digs.
I had a hard time making this transition on the retail side of the spectrum because these simple pieces are seriously overpriced and were putting a dent in my wallet. Some people have their retail exceptions, you know? I'll spend a fair amount of cashola on shoes or fur coats (obvs), others are all about the perfect bag or necklace, but I'm not down to drop too much moola on jewelry,  I just can't bring myself to do it very easily. But this gap of simple and fun jewelry pieces at an affordable price has finally been filled, and I'm feeling pretty effin jazzed about it, guys. My fingers don't turn green, and I stare at them with pride. I finally found my new armor. My level of excitement tripled when I found the studio of my armor is based here in Seattle. Woop woop! Samesies city! Okay but for real, I may have gone a little too ham the other day to illustrate my love for the freshest of fresh, Fresh Tangerine. But eff it, when you know you know. Nahimsayin? Peep it:
Photos by Maddie Lismore
Fresh Tangerine jewelry
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