Neon Doves

Macy Grey

This week has been an interesting mix of blue skies, clouds, and rain. Love me any blue bird day, but I have to say, a grey and foggy morning in Seattle where you can barely see the skyline? Not gonna lie... I kinda like it. I spent the morning wandering around the city. I started at Pike Place market, grabbed a hot cup of coffee (with a splash of pumpkin because I'm a basic bee #noshame) and meandered from there to take in some solid people watching and jump around my favorite shops downtown. Bomb. Do you remember when Macy's used to be The Bon Marché? Or "The Bon" as it was commonly known as? Ha! Thooose were the days. The days I spent wishing I was Kelly Kapowski and dating Jonathon Taylor Thomas because I mean, obviously. 90s Nostalgia, is what we call that. The Bon Marché is actually still etched into the Macy's Seattle building and I love it. A little piece of childhood history. I swooped a number of pieces there today and of course their ridiculous deals almost make me feel like they're just giving me stuff for free, it's glorious. I just luhhh me a good deal. Or two. Or even five will suffice! This boyfriend sweater really has me going. Do I already own too many? Perhaps, but it's Seattle here, people. You can never have enough oversized sweaters that hang in all the right places. Peep it:

Photos by Maddie Lismore

Ray-Ban shades
Coach purse
Rachel Roy tee
Lucky sweater in stores now
Aritzia leather leggings
Rachel Comey kicks
Vintage, Catbird, and Fresh Tangerine rings