Neon Doves

Life Goes On

It's that time of year, my friends. We all know it. Some of you are so bored by your place of work that you choose not to go, while others of you love your work mates but know your fate is questionable as the night could end with a blackish blur of forgotten words that you may wish you didn't say, though you're not exactly sure...   Ohhh the pain. Yep, I'm talking about the inevitable holiday work party that will never cease to exist. I've been through quite a handful myself, and so far I've come back pretty unscathed. Though I must admit this year I made my boss take off her boss bitch (pun not intended) wedding ring so I could try it on and ended the night playing air guitar way too close to the band. They were actually super annoyed with me, especially when I tried to get on stage with them. Rude! But I have to brag a bit as I didn't wake up with a gutting shameover this year. I mean I feel like people have done way worse at their Christmas parties... much much worse. I would actually know because I've heard a good story or two. So for those of you that haven't gone to your gathering yet, remember who you're with, try not to say too many weird things, but never say no to a fireball shot. Or if you've already attended your work party and you told your teammate you're in love with them, peed in the elevator, or perhaps woke up fully clothed with little memory at all, remember, it happens to the best of us! Sike, I would actually die of embarrassment. Okay but on the real, you only have to endure your embarrassment for the next year because lucky for you, there's always next year's Christmas party idiot that will take all the embarrassment away from you! Isn't that convenient? As long as you don't do it again, that is...   So remember how it feels and give that poor soul a nice pat on the back that post party Monday and remind 'em, life really does go on.

In honor of the holidays, those of you that escaped your work Christmas parties emotionally stable, and mostly to those of you that didn't, this fit goes out to you. Much love and happy holidays from Neon Doves. Peep it:

Photos by Maddie Lismore

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