Neon Doves

Peace Out Patty

Last week I enjoyed a little vacay in Sayulita, Mexico. The boo and I arrived on Wednesday and left Sunday, so it was a quick but perfectly timed escape from work madness and cold weather. It was also super gnarly because Hurricane Patricia totes tried to ruin our trip, but that ho didn't stand a CHANCE. Peace out Patty, you're not welcome in Sayuilta or any other populated place in the world, for that matter.
I'd been to Sayulita twice prior to this latest visit and my love for this place deepens more and more each time I return. With its colorful architecture, cobblestone streets, and historical roots, it's almost surprising how relevant the adorable boutiques remain in the world of design and fashion, not to mention its supes cute coffee and pastry bars that are the effing jam. Per usual, I could barely fit my new trinkets in my bag on the way home and actually had to check the sweet ass hammock I bought off the beach, but it was well worth the hassle. With its famous surfer scene added to the mix, it's almost as if Hawaii, Italy, and Mexico all had a little niña and named her Sayulita. Love.
The purpose of the trip, as well as the most special aspect of it all, was the wedding of two of my closest friends. So close that I was actually in the wedding on the Groom's side. I'm not sure what that's called, but we went with Groomswoman because we're super creative. With 30+ friends in one of my favorite places ever, too much fun was had, countless memories were made, and love was flowing through the air with ease. The wedding venue was magical with sweeping views, beautiful florals, amazing food, and these little seating areas with white leather furniture and pink pillows that in my head I would've imagined being a terrible idea, but it looked absolutely amazing and brought a celebrity status vibe into the mix, nbd.
Sayulita, my darling, it was wonderful seeing you again. Until next time.. Peep that ish:

Photos by me and the boo

Vince purse
Illesteva shades
Are You Am I slip dress
Free people beaded dress
Tori Praver swim bottoms