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Unfortunately my sister, brother in law, and baby niece all reside in a different state. San Francisco, California, to be specific. It actually pretty much sucks beez being apart, but my sister and I still manage to talk daily and make sure to stay involved in nearly everything that we do. But still, it's hard living apart and missing out on the little things.
There is a perk to her living in a different state, however, which is visiting the nearby beachy town of Santa Cruz which has turned out to be one of my favorite places evarrrr. Right on the beach, warm weather, cute shops, nice walks, hippie vibe. Pretty much the perfect escape during Seattle's dreary days and allows for the ultimate bonding sessions. Love.
I'm really vibing on strapless suits these days to avoid annoying tan lines. Not necessarily as flattering, but I'm just kinda like...DGAF. I bought this button up dress to wear with layers upon layers in Seattle's crisp Fall and Winter seasons, but it's also conveniently worked as a nice beachy accessory serving not only as a day dress, but also as a nice towel/blanket substitute to use while baggin some rays on the sandy sand. I'm a sucker for convenience and versatility. Peep that ish:
Photos by Maddie Lucas

Aritzia button up
Tori Praver bottoms
Vintage Bag. Similar ones can be found at Free People 
Catbird NYC rings
Rayban shades