Neon Doves


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I recently ventured down to my cabin for a styled shoot with friends Maddie Lismore (aka Dove) and Sacha Columbia. With Sacha on photos, Maddie on glorious cakes and goodies (girlz got skills), and me on styling, it made for a pretty radicool trio. The creative vibes were flowing, fun levels were high, and I'm happy to announce a UK blog and site that I absolutely ruv, Boho Weddings, has featured us. ch-ch-check it, peeps! Stoked.

To help clarify that I'm not engaged, we've been repping some of these pretty photos on our instagram accounts through the celebration of a fictional couple,  Ben & Jess. Unfortunately, the fictional couple tactic has confused people more than ever, but whatevssss. It's been a blast playing the part of free spirited boho babe, Jess, and I'm super jazzed on her feature debut. Congrats, #BenandJess!  Peep that ish:

Photos by Sacha Columbia
Baked Goodies by Maddie Lismore

Dress by Free people