Neon Doves

On The Run

On the drive down to my family's beach house is the Women's Penitentiary. DO NOT PICK UP HITCH HIKERS the signs say. I decided to test the waters and see who was really paying attention. Let's just say I like to live life on the edge, heh heh. 

Jk, I'm no 'living on the edge' badass. Each time I creeped my thumb toward the sky I was terrified someone would actually stop and I'd have to explain myself. Oh sorry sir/ma'am....we don't actually need a ride, I'm just having my friend take pictures of me....... haha....

Luckily we found that humans are rather smart and refrain from picking up hitch hikers within two miles of a female penitentiary. Good job, peeps.  Your intelligence allowed for the winning shot and saved me from a terribly awkward conversation. 

On the subject of prisons and risk takers, I do kind of feel like a fugitive in this fit. The leather jacket and beanie bring out a bad bitch vibe while the loose shorts and nike kicks have me fashionably ready to run faster than Caitlyn Jenner. Peep that ish: 

Photos by Maddie Lismore aka Dove

Aritzia beanie
LACAUSA sheer top
Veda jacket
Aritzia shorts
Nike kicks
Catbird rings