Neon Doves

Back to skool

Second to Christmas morning back in the day was hands down the glorious day of back to school shopping. Picking out multiple things you want and then actually getting to own them that same day?! Synonymous to heaven. My sister and I obvs went together and I would annoy the shit out of her, understandably so, because I would copy at least three things she picked out since I thought she was god's gift to earth (I still think that but don’t tell her I said that.) Shopping for freshman year was memorable for obvious reasons, but most notably because it included the new ownership of a yellow Da Kine backpack and a brown and orange Volcom trucker hat that I wore to the side and thought I was the baddest bitch in the classroom. #balliiiiin

My boyfriend recently lost his backpack because he had a little too much fun one day after work. I found a lingering picture from that night of him twerking and his backpack set nicely on a table in the corner of the bar so I’m pretty sure I solved the mystery of how said backpack was lost…. Just sayin, boo. On the upside, I was able to find him a replacement sweeter than raspberry pie, and anyone and everyone looking for a back to school pack, commuter pack, or a backpack for any reason, should buy this one because while practical in size and pockets, it’s also very visually appealing. Two things that are hard to find in a backpack, as many of you hipsters out there know. Peep that ish:

Photos by Tyler Lucas
Vintage top
Topshop jeans
Frost River backpack 
Catbird rings