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Weekend Getaway

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Sometimes you just need to get away for the weekend. Just pack that ish up, get in your car, and bizounce. I used to throw all my necessary belongings into my high school soccer bag. It's yellow and blue with a Wolverine on it and my boyfriend always wants to use it. I can't blame him, really. It's one of those bags where people that went to small private schools or are from another country see them and say,  No way! You Americans really have those?! Do you have letterman jackets too? And red cups you drink beer out of at parties???

Why yes, yes we do. I got asked these questions a lot when I studied abroad in Australia and the red cup questions always made me giggle and proud. Fuck YEAH we have red cups. And kegs. And assemblies with cheerleaders doing cheerleader things. They were definitely picturing the American Pie type party scene, and it wasn't exactly off par....
Okay but back to the subject of the day--weekend getaways. Important to obtain the perfect weekend getaway is the perfect weekend getaway bag.  While I got some good miles off the high school gym bag, I knew I had to move on. I found the winner a couple years ago in a now shut down boutique in Seattle. The woman in the store was definitely trying to sell me on it and yelled across the way,  That bag is my favorite! It's made out of the interior of a 1976 Pinto!!

You had all the money in my bank account at 1976 Pinto, lady. Which today I realize was probably total bullshit. Either that or I'm using a bag that hella peep's asses used to sit on, which just doesn't sound that sweet anymore...  Let's just assume she meant it was inspired by the interior of a 1976 Pinto, shall we? Peep that ish:
Photography by Maddie Lismore aka Dove

Janessa Leone hat
Aritzia top
Levi shorts
Catbird NYC and vintage rings
Vintage bag