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Big Phat Greek Weddings

It's a little something we call wedding season, my friends. Shit gets super real during wedding season, and even more so for those grads who were in a sorority or fraternity. I met a hilariously awesome chick at a bachelorette party last summer and we decided to be friends, but our hangout sessions couldn't begin until after summertime. I appreciated her honesty, but my ego needed an explanation. What, are you booked up all summer? I asked. Pretty much, yep! I'm going to eight weddings. I had ten last summer, too..


Dayummm Gina, I think I would collapse in exhaustion. I also think I would be very poor. Not that I don't luhh me a wedding. Really, I do! I get down with wedding season, no doubt. But eight? Ten? Point being, wedding season for greek grads is a level of impressive that deserves some loving recognition, so shout out to my greek peeps! What up what uuup! Get down on those dance floors. I'd also like to remind you that there's still time to find that one and only beautiful dress, or five, or ten...

Like the perfect pair of jeans, legit party dresses are nearly nonexistent so I have a rule that when I find a good one, I buy it. Whether I have a wedding a year away, or don't even have one on the calendar yet, that baby will eventually be used and abused in the coming summer and I'll be super jazzed to see it glistening in my closet ready for business. My most recent bedazzled purchase was unsurprisingly found at Free People, and it's definitely the place to find some goodies for the pique of this year's wedding season. This specific piece makes me feel like an elfy-tinkerbell which is something I strive to achieve on a regular basis, so it made the typically difficult task of clicking Confirm Payment excitingly seamless. Peep that ish:
Photography by Sacha Columbia

Free People dress 
Free People slip 
Catbird and vintage rings