Neon Doves

Classy Bitch

I’m pretty much obsessed with silk on silk. In fact, I wear the below fit entirely too often. That cream on cream though… yanno? That rhymed, did you notice? Nbd. For real though, silk on silk just gives an otherwise meh look a unique class. You’re also basically wearing PJs which is awesome for reasons I don’t need to explain. Pair silk on silk shorts with not too high of heels and vuala, you have a simple yet chic fit on your hands. Add a classy purse and you’ve really got the situation covered for a variety of different kinds of occasions. Wear it to brunch, to a family event, to a bar, pfffttttt wear it just about anywhere! Okay but on the real, I kind of hate to admit that I love this Chanel bag because it’s, well, Chanel. It’s overpriced and the opposite of unique, but I…but I just do! I think the moment happened circa 2009 when I saw a picture of Ashley Simpson’s dumbass in a really cute grungy fit paired with a tiny black chanel bag. That ho turned me into a liker of the Chanel bag. I mean it really comes down to the fact that the bag sends a message, and that message is this—Classy Bitch. Peep that ish:

Photos by Sacha Columbia

Sam & Lavi shorts
A detacher kicks, similar ones by A detacher found here
Chanel bag
Vintage top by Hey Jude
Vintage & Catbird rings