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See Through Me

Hayley2 Comments
I'd say the majority of my outside-of-work tops are pretty much, well, see through. Some people get confused by this. Not sure if they find it just different, inappropriate, rad, offensive, or what, but I explained it to the boo and a close guy friend the other day that I don't think it's much different than someone showing their cleavage. Something that's pretty accepted in society to a certain extent.
From my perspective, the fully covered yet sheer aspect is more of a classy approach to sexy that I feel most comfortable, so I rep it. In actuality, is it at all classier? Probably not, no, but I just roll with my instinct. Ladies with flatter chests, I recommend giving it a try. It feels fun and edgy and gives an otherwise boring look a bit of freeing pizazz. #IdowhatIwant, you know what I'm sayin? Peep that ish:

Photos by Sacha Columbia

Janessa Leon hat
Totem Salvaged purse
Sam & Lavi shorts
Tara Lawson ring and matching cuff is also sold at Pipe + Row