Neon Doves

Pipe + Row like Woah

My sister Chase lives in San Francisco and is so healthy, active, and basically my idol. Her healthy lifestyle gives her so much energy and happiness, and it looks so fun! I feel like it allows her to live life in the fast lane. Just being around her bouncy vibe is so refreshing, I wish I could bring myself to be more like her. In fact, I think I will start by getting on a weekly exercising regime. It's's just time. A second attempt at yoga, perhaps. Wish me luck!

Okay but speaking of the yogi scene, Lululemon's see through scandal doesn't warrant their thousand dollar pieces, so we really just need to move on from them, don't you think? I'm really diggin this brand, Outdoor Voices. I'm ready to rock their sweet top while working out on my new soon to be weekly workout regime, but also rep it on those other days I choose to go get dessert and a few cocktails instead. I'm feelin the variety it has to offer here, people. Regarding the rest of the fit as a whole, the grey and nude aspect brings a really organic vibe while the Fur-ball clutch adds a unique pizazz that serves as the perfect final touch. Feelin it. And to all of you Seattleites, I swooped all of these pieces at the cutest boutique in Seattle, Pipe + Row, who will be celebrating their one year of existence tomorrow! There will be giveaways, supes cute clothing, but most importantly, a Margarita machine. I'll also be there providing some sweet styling tips, which I'm super stoked on, so come by and say hi! hello! oh what up girl! And make sure to peep that ish:

Photos by Sacha Columbia

Besides the kicks, by A Detacher, this entire fit can be found at Pipe + Row