Neon Doves

It's Getting Hot in Hurr

It's hot as shit in Seattle. And by hot I mean 80s fer days. Peeps in Texas and Florida are prob like pffffffftttttttfff, start complaining when it's actually hot. No but feels so hot. Really hot. So hot that I'm really into just, well, not wearing shirts and repping the sports bra look. I would prefer to call it a crop top, but I don' seem to be getting away with that term by my fellow members of society. In fact, the below is a common conversation in my life as of late:

Human: You're wearing a bra!
Me: Yes, yes I am.


Peep that ish:

Photography by Sacha Columbia

Aritzia button up
Aritzia sports bra
Aritzia belt
Tara Lawson jewelry sold at Pipe + Row
Vintage levis