Neon Doves

Penny Lane meets Edie Sedgwick

The other day I was being hellza hipster cool and went to a bunch of sweet consignment stores and found this amazing fur coat at this small hole in the wall vintage shop in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. It just screamed Penny Lane meets Edie Sedgwick. I couldn't believe it. How did I find this gem? Seriously, peep those pics below! It has this rosey tint to it, and I can't get enough of it. I will never let it go and I will love and cherish it forever!

Besides the last two sentences, all of the above is a lie. I actually found this bad boy at Forever 21. Okay but seriously though, ignoring my level of annoying excitement, how cute did you think it was when you were reading the above paragraph? If I'd told you from the beginning that it was from Forever you probs would've been like mehhhh it's okay..actually it's not that cute and looks pretty cheap. Funny, isn't it? It's difficult not to have goggles. There's also the opposite kind of goggles that you can get in your favorite expensive store where you assume anything in there is cute, when that's really not usually the case. No good. Anyhow, I'm feeling this treasure of a Forever 21 find, and I really have to give them props. It's soft, comfortable, with legit looking fur. Happy panda.

Photographer and friend, Sam Stenson, and I found this sweet blue car to snap some photes, and I really think it tied into the vibe that I feel when I wear this jacket, and pretty much any fur jacket that I buy. Which in truth, is far too many... I'm mildly addicted and feel as though I was meant to live during the era of Flower Power. Just sayin. Peep that ish:
Photos by Sam Stenson

SAM&LAVI silk shorts
Forever 21 coat (I ordered bought in a size large so the sleeves weren't weirdly short)
MVMT watch
Rachel Comey booties
Vintage top