Neon Doves

65 degrees like WOAH

Peeps always make fun of pacific northwesterners for their sweet ways. Patagonia wearing hipsters who never see the sun. Oh em gee they are sooo ridic, they think 65 degrees is warm and they all put shorts on. What IDOTS!

pttttfffftttfffffffftttttffff these stereotypes aren't even true.

Jk, yeah they are. And today hit 65 degrees like whoa so I obvs deemed it necessary to wear shorts and a tank and was sweating profusely. Okay maybe the latter isn't true, but I really did rock shorts and sandals for today's desert like warmth topping at a whopping 68 degrees. So I guess that means I lived up to one of our stereotypes? I think I'm okay with that. Just like I'm okay with the rest of the country thinking it rains here 150% of the time because then that means the secret of Seattle's perfection is safe, heh heh. Peep that ish:

Photos by Tyler Lucas

Aritzia button up
Aritzia top
Levi shorts
Aritzia belt
Karen Walker shades