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Knot Right Now

I have a hard time finding good shirts. It's rather annoying, really. They're too high, they're too low, they're too boring, they have too many graphics, they cling weird, I could go on. But seriously, people and designers, can't someone just make some sweet ass staple shirts that make everyone look like models? Is that too much to ask? Perhaps it's not...

Okay maybe I got ahead of myself and I can't claim to make you look like Adrianna Lima (that hot bitch), but I did find a new technique that I'm pretty into these days. It's called the put your lower cut somewhat long/flowy shirt on backwards and tie it in a front side knot technique. I recently did this and I'm feeling really effing cool about it because it turned out pretty rad, so I want you to try it too! Ayooo!

I wish I could say that I figured out this sweet technique because I'm the master of style and better than everyone on planet earth, but that would be a lie. I accidentally put my top on backwards, tied the knot, and realized it was backwards about an hour later when the tag started giving me a rash.
Whatever though, creative credit is still deserved, don't you think?

Real talk, though, the extra benefit is that you get that lower cut in the back which I personally think is much sexier than having your juggz hanging out in low cut shirts. It's more of that classy sexy, heh heh. So be real peeps, and knot that shirt right now. Peep that ish:
Photos by Sam Stenson

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