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The Honorable Mention

A few years ago my friends and I went out to celebrate my 26th birthday. For Seattle readers, we obviously had to hit up The Social when it was all hip and swingin. Naturally we set up a pregame where we boozed, chatted, and mostly commented on my friend Kelly Ann's sweet ass outfit that consisted of the most rad mumu you've ever seen.

Kelly Ann's a supermodel yogi with words that touch your soul and leave you in an emo conversation until all of a sudden you realize it's 6am. She's like a magical little fairy that you crave in your life. And the fact that she wore a full coverage mumu to the Social, a club with dancing cages, stripper poles, and inebriated girls in stilettos, is the funniest thing in existence. The weekend was full of debauchery, to say the least, as we wandered the streets of Seattle with little down time. Just pure friendship. To be expected, Kelly rocked her mumu the entire time. As we sat there that Sunday night, piecing together the events and reminiscing, we decided that the mumu was the best part of the glorious weekend. From there, Kelly decided that the mumu had to honored. It was to be cherished in only this memory, and put away in her drawers to only resurface years from now, if ever again. Oh how I miss that mumu...

Interestingly, I was recently rummaging through some threads at my nearby Buffalo Exchange when luck struck me and I found a similar stiped mumu that reminded me of that fateful weekend. For only $9, I now get to be reminded of the mumu every time I wear the newby mumu. So, my sweet Kelly Ann, this 'mu is for you, boo. Peep that ish:

Evidence of Mumu Weekend:

Photos by Maddie Lismore

Mumu swooped at Buffalo Exchange
Beanie found at a London flea market
Rachel Comey Booties