Neon Doves

Thailand Meets Narnia

Sometimes when your best friends decide to travel SE Asia for four months, it's essential that you go with them for the first two weeks to ensure all is well. I mean, duh.
Long back story short, Dove and I went to Thailand a couple years ago, and like so many people in the world, Dove met her husband at the Full Moon Party. Well, I guess we technically met him after the party in an entirely overfilled cab in which the ride nearly killed Danny, Dove's hubby. But don't worry, she saved his life and they fell in love and all that jazz. I know, it kind of makes you want to puke because it's such a sweet story. 
Moving on. On our most recent trip back we met up with a bunch of other friends from New Zealand and England that we'd also met on the initial Thailand trip, so the reunion was very special to our hearts. On our first trip, we'd spent one night at the most amazing jungle party ever, so this go around we all reunited and stayed on the neighboring beach where jungle party, correctly known as Guys Bar, is thrown every Friday.

We stayed for a week, and it was glorious.

While my love, Michael, and I stayed a few steps down the beach, Dove and company stayed at this super rad place with huts built into the rocks and a jungle of trees as its back drop. Naturally, it's called the Sanctuary. Sweet name, right? It really is a Santuary, too. We went there to escape the end of party madness, eat the world's best curry while overlooking the water, or even tattoo our friends. You know, normal things like that. The Sanctuary also includes a yellow bridge that I called the Yellow Brick Road. At the end of a very fun night, after watching the sun rise, we all went to the beach to just take it all in. Looking at the Yellow Brick Road, the trees, and all its surroundings, it all looked very very.... sweet.  There the trees were, breathing into each other, clouds joining in on our conversations, and we all sat there experiencing a magical beachy land of bliss. In other words, the Sanctuary was synonymous to Narnia, and it was the absolute best. It was beautiful just like it was beautiful that all of us were back there, meeting from around the world, together as one, even if just for a short while.

Sanctuary threads included limited and comfortable apparel in that warm tropical climate that I miss oh so much. Dove's photography skills show a sweet view of the Yellow Brick Road, so please, take it all in and put that ish on your bucket list. You won't regret it. Please also note my new swimsuit, favorite levi shorts, and the colorful backpack I swooped at Buffalo Exchange a few years back which ended up being the best last minute pack of all time. You can find similar backpacks in different boho-like places, like Free people or Etsy. It serves as the best travel companion because its thin material allows it to fold down to almost nothing so you can easily pack it in your larger suitcase or backpack. I took that bad boy everywhere with me. Peep that ish:
Photos by Maddie Lismore aka Dove

Vintage Levis. similar ones can be found at Aritzia
Tori Praver swimsuit top and bottoms (I recommend sizing up on the bottoms. I went for the small top and medium bottom)
Vintage backpack. Similar one found on Etsy or Free People
Queenie and Me bracelets