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Find the Light

A few weeks ago my friends and I went to a concert that provided free booze. aka adult Disney Land. It was definitely worth it, but waking up at 6am on a Sunday with a pounding headache and the inability to get back to sleep was harsh. We spent the next day in a texting chain discussing how sick we felt, how we were dying, questioning if life would ever be the same, you know..normal conversations like that.

I've realized, my level of retardation when superbly hungover is through the effing roof. I seriously look at words like they are from another planet. I start second guessing myself. ability....ability..? Is that how you spell ability..? Is ability even a word.....? I should Google that shit. I think if I had to take the SATs in such a state, I would maybe score a 200. I say 200 because I think that's how many points you get for writing your name, which I could probably do....maybe.

I should be embarrassed about this given post, but you know what? Dont care. I bet you idiots have felt just as dumb as I do when hungover. I mean shit, we aren't 22 anymore. Hangovers are now on a whole other level. And they are seriously mean and rude. On a more positive note, our brain cells seem to return well enough to become normal again within 48 hours. So on days you think you are dying, remind yourself. You are alive. You will be okay. You will see the light again! I promise.

You should probably just shine a bit of light on this fancy number below, and you'll be sure to catch a glimpse of that sweet sweet sparkle. Important to note on this glorious piece of apparel is that it's a romper. A romper that can be worn to a wedding or fancy event? That's a definite win in my book, people. Perhaps that's why I bought it in two colors...  Peep that ish:

Photos shot by Tyler Lucas

Free People romper
Vintage bag I picked up at District in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood
Zara kicks from last year, similar ones can be found here and here!