Neon Doves

Comeback Steez

Common thoughts in regards to steez circa 2002:

1) I wish high waist mom jeans like they used to wear in Beverly Hills 90210 were still cool. It would totally eliminate this annoying muffin top. 
2) I wish it wasn't completely whack to wear my hoodie around my waist. It's going to be effing freezing tonight and I don't want to carry it...50/50 chance I'll lose it.
4) Romeo/Leonardo DiCaprio, will you father my children?
5) Shit, my flares are 75% wet from soaking up all the rain. I wish ankle jeans actually looked cute so my feet weren't freezing at all time. 
6) Why can't overalls just come back in style? Those were the days...

Turns out my wardrobe dreams from 2002 have come true as all of the above are now in style. So fetch. Can I get an amen? Unfortunately Leo Dicap didn't cop the V card, but I learned to move on. Peep that ish:
Photos by Maddie Lismore
Brandy Melville tank, similar to this
Madewell overalls
Rachel Comey kicks
Ampersand as Apostrophe bag
Blq Basiq bralette from Seattle's Pipe + Row boutique