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The White of Shame

I've entered the age of baby and wedding showers because I'm kinda old these days. My sister's got a sweet bun in the oven who we'll get to meet ~January 20th. Oh shiiiiiiiit. Seeing pregnant ladies here and there throughout my life, I never really thought anything of it. It was just a normal and natural thing of life. Now when I see my sister and her cute little tummy, my head sort of spins. It boggles my mind that there's a human species growing inside of her. A human that I get to meet soon, and I can't wait. Yeee!

I feel like the only slightly annoying part about wedding showers and events is that you can't wear cream or white. Now for the wedding and rehearsal dinner, I get it. But for all the other events too? I just feel like it's a little extreme... Not to the shower. Not to the bachelorette party. Not to a bridal luncheon. Not to any wedding related event whatsoever. If you do do this, there will be whispers and you will be frowned upon, so do not make that mistake. I'm not saying this from experience, but I've heard it through the grapevine and I choose to protect myself from the shame. Now coming into the world of baby showers, I've found that white is fair game! And you know what, I appreciate that. All dresses are cuter in cream. For my sister's shower I repped this cream romper that I swooped at Urban Outfitters. Paired with these Zara kicks, I felt super classy, NBD. Peep that ish:

Baby Love

Photos by Maddie Lismore aka Dove
Urban Outfitters romper
Veda jacket
Temperbrand teardrop cutout ring purchased at Pipe+Row
Catbird rings
Zara kicks