Neon Doves

Pillow Dive

I have a serious problem when it comes to:
1) Talent Shows
2) People telling stories that are not interesting, awkward, and last way too long
3) The Bachelor

What do all of these things have in common? They cause me an extreme amount of anxiety and embarrassment. My mouth gets dry and I just want to duck away and hide. Let's take The Bachelor for example. I totally understand that this is technically entertaining, and trust me I watch my fair share of reality TV, but I seriously canNOT listen to The Bachelor without muting the TV for extended periods of time or diving my entire face into a nearby pillow to try and escape the embarrassment that is building up inside me. Pillow diving, is what I've learned to call it. It's a serious disease. When I realized that I spent the ridiculously long two hour episodes on mute for the majority of the time, I decided it was probably time I stop wasting my life away. Needless to say, I don't watch the Bachelor anymore. But don't get it twisted, I will still waste my time with worthy television shows like Teen Mom, Are You Afraid of the Dark (rent that shit at Scarecrow, yo), and Vampire Diaries. Obviously.

Lounge worthy TV nights should always be paired with that comfy comf clothing, like these badass sweats. Are you wondering if that's silk on the legs? Because the answer is yes. Glorious, I know. Peep that ish:
Photos by Maddie Lismore aka Dove

Veda jacket
HL Key pants from Pipe + Row
Totem Salvage purse from Pipe + Row
A Detacher kicks
Brandy Melville tank