Neon Doves


What happens when you're offered free backstage pass tickets to Mumford and Sons? You go. What happens when you get a raging fever the day of and can barely move? You go to the store and buy yourself some Tylenol, suck it up, toss a few back, get down with it and deal with your illness later.

Or, if you're me, you accidentally buy Tylenol PM, take three of them, get really confused why you can't stay awake, chug 10 cups of coffee and insist there is something wrong with its caffeine levels, and are forced to decline partying with the band after the show because your eyes weigh 50 pounds.

Sometimes I wonder if Ashton is just watching me. I wait for him to come out of the trees....but nope. He never does. Because I do these things to myself.

On to the subject of clothing! I have a love for sweet trends that I also repped circa 1993, most importantly chucks and overalls. Two things that deserve to be in style until the end of time. Peep that ish:
Photos by Adrian Regasa 
Madewell blouse
Talula overalls