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I headed down to San Francisco a couple weeks ago for bachelorette shenanigans. Shit got super real, obviously. By midnight on night one, Dove and I managed to get kicked out of the club (that's right, we were "up in the club" NBD) because we were so rowdy. Actually that's a complete lie, we got so claustrophobic from all the 22 year olds surrounding us that we ventured our way outside to swoop some air. Turns out they don't let you back up in the club when you try to reenter without a stamp on your wrist. Telling them "no it's chill, our friend snuck us in the side door" doesn't work either, apparently. So what did we do while our friends danced the rest of the night away? Well we went to the nearest chinese restaurant, ordered five dishes off the menu, got super emo and shed some drunk tears, took a picture with the waiter, and then stumbled home because, duh.
I bet you're wondering if the chinese food was legit, and the answer is yes. Lemon chicken drenched in extra lemon sauce that I ordered on the side? It doesn't get much dreamier than that, my friends. Point being, the trip was a definite success. Plus I got to rep my fave fit these days which consists of high waisted jean shorts, a blush silk blazer, and a sleeveless turtleneck crop top. That's right, I just said sleeveless turtle neck crop top. Yes, it sounds a bit ridic, but I swear the conservative turtleneck aspect turns my slightly slutty attire into a somewhat acceptable situation. At least, that's what I tell myself... Peep that ish:

And please meet our new friend Al. #groupselfie

Photos by Maddie Lismore aka Dove 
(besides the selfie, that's all me so don't give her credit)

Tiro Tiro necklace
TNA shorts
Babaton blazer
Talula crop top
Wilfred belt