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Over 4th of July weekend I ventured to my cabin per yooz with my fam and some friends. The boo, my sister and her husband, dove and her husband, and another bestie from childhood and her boy, all game for the weekend ritual of clam eating (the sea food, not the body part you sicko), and firework blasting. So basically it was a quadruple date weekend which is synonymous to being old as shit.

What makes me feel even older is the fact that we were invited to an EDC themed rager next door, but opted out because we were too tired.......

At first I was sad to miss a good party. Ashamed, even. But then I started to realize that there's a lot that gets done when you're not superbly hungover. Things like pickle ball tournaments, nature walks, and bomb food without the bottomless pit that haunts my weekends like the plague. The weekend reminded me that I'm getting old, but I'm becoming more okay with this because it means more nights of sleep and more days of nice conversation and activities. Seriously though, look at my conservative outfit! Maybe not the ripped up jeans aspect, but whatevs. I'm so fucking nautical and sophisticated and adult and shit. Peep that ish:
Photos by Maddie Lismore aka Dove

H&M Sweater I picked up at Buffalo Exchange
Topshop jeans
Rayban sunglasses
Brandless backpack I bought in Santorini, Greece