Neon Doves

Our People

Last March I headed back to one of my happy places, Orcas Island, with 15 of my friends. We rented a cabin on Doe Bay resort to bond. To be one with nature. To be active and outdoorsy. To frolic and run. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

But then it rained the entire time.

When it comes to a list of things to do with 15 of your friends on a Friday and Saturday night in a cabin you're stuck in, we decided our activities are mostly limited to:
Puzzle club
Flip cup
Bag game

I was super stoked to find that we forgot to bring a puzzle for puzzle club because I not so secretly HATE puzzle club. Basically I hate anything I'm not good at, and I'm like the Kim Kardashian of puzzles--I suck. I just don't have the patience and it's not fun and I want puzzle club to be banished forever. Okay I'm going to stop with my puzzle rant now or my friends may get angry (sorry TigerElephant, I do not mean to offend.)

Now when it comes to a list of things to do with 3 of your friends that are still awake with you at 4am on a Saturday night in a cabin you've been stuck in, we found activities are limited to:
Forming a band

It's interesting how you can be so convinced of something, so dearly and utterly convinced, when you're under the influence of alcoholic beverages. By 4am Saturday night I was once again CONVINCED that it had happened. The time had finally come. I had formed a band. We beat boxed, sang, rapped, even agreed on a band name--Our People . We had it down! I would be the guitarist, while other friends were set to play various other instruments necessary to form a Grade A band, including a naughty singer who is oh so cosmopolitan.

So, watch out Seattle. We'll be headlining at a venue near you soon, I swear. At least, that's what I'll be telling myself this Saturday night when I, once again, convince myself that I'll be starting a band next week.

Hellooooo Seattle, thanks for being here tonight. We are.... Our People.

In honor of the band that I will be starting "next week," I pulled this rockin fit. Not gonna lie, I'm feelin prettyy prettyyy prettyyyy scandalously badass in this number. Peep that ish:
Photos by Adrian Regasa

Wilfred beanie
Reformation top, similar to this bad boy
American Apparel shorts
Vintage kicks
Urban Outfitters bralette