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Big Spoon is what's up

So the real question in life is....what do you prefer, big spoon or little spoon?

I asked this to my friend the other day and she was confused by my question. Like, she legit knew what spooning was, but didn't know the term big vs little spoon. I told her I was willing to put a million bucks down that everyone in the restaurant knew this but her, but she was very confident that I was losing my mind. I let the argument go at that point, but I would have won a million bucks, that is for sure. I have to say though, she had good reasoning for not knowing the terms. To her, spooning is spooning. Big? Little? She's down for either! All depending on the scenario. So why ever even specify a preference?

Society has decided that the girl should be little spoon, and the boy should be big spoon. False. People people, this is just wrong! Yeah, the girl is smaller and fits nicely into that curve as little spoon, but sometimes you just wanna bury your face in a dude's back and feel little while being big spoon. I'm actually abnormally weird and have asked numerous people their opinion on the subject. My guy friend told me he and a bunch of his friends had a legit 10 minute convo on the subject back in college and all of them were totally repping their love for little spoon. This is so amazing to me and I wish I was there for the conversation SO BAD. Just thinking about six dudes around a fire discussing their love for little spoon makes me smile. It makes me have a better day. I've also talked to the dudes that say "WHAT! NO WAY DUDE! Why would I ever be little spoon?"  Go ahead and call me judgmental, but I think these are typically the dudes who a) are trapped in the closet b) would never hold your purse and/or c) are more likely to be less cool than dudes that get down with little spoon. For the males that are reading this right now, I want to first say thank you, I appreciate it. And second, if you're shaking your head at the dudes who hold purses and are down with little spoon, you are losing. These dudes are just confident in themselves. Their thought process is simple and awesome. She wants me to hold her purse like she would ask me to carry something for her that was too heavy, why wouldn't I? They simply do not care. You should really think about that and come to the cool side. The 'I dont give a fuck little spoon carrying purses' side. God those guys are so hot.

So, to my purse carrying little spoon. This one’s for you, boo. Peep that ish:

Photos by Adrian Regasa

Wilfred blouse
Urban Outfitters bralette
Catbird rings