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Two for One

I don't think going to therapy can ever be a bad thing. I mean you get to kick it with a specialist that listens to you, helps you learn and get to know yourself, and doesn't judge you. What bad can come out of that? So to those of you who see a therapist, hell to the yeahhh! You go boo.

When people ask me if I see a therapist, I'm technically truthful when saying no, not at the moment. But I have to say... I sorta feel like I'm lying. I'm cheating the system. I honestly feel like my hair dresser is a therapy sesh. I totally get a two for one! Okay so maybe she went to beauty school instead of earning a master's, but we basically do the same thing as one would do in a therapy sesh--catch up on the super intimate aspects of each other's lives and listen. I asked her if this is a regular thing for her and her clients and she was like oh eff yeah dude, you should hear the shit people tell me.

I find this hilarious and awesome. How fun would that be? You get to go to work and make people look bomb dot com while also listening to their entire life stories. Oh, and when you want, you can chime in about your life too because your clients love to hear it.

So, if your therapy session bills are getting too high, I'm telling you, just go see my girl Chloe. She'll get you through the hard times.

Also an option to get you through difficult times? Retail therapy--duh. My roommate Kayla has a bestie that recently launched her Fall/Winter collection for her purse line, Ampersand As Apostrophe, and you should definitely snag a bag or two or five or ten. They're legiiit. I was lucky enough to get to rep the bags for her catalog and not gonna lie, I'm feeling pretty cool about it, guys. Peep that ish:
Styled by Kayla Boehme
Photos by Adrian Ragasa
Bag can be purchased at