Neon Doves


Dear Coachellagrammers,

If you're having so much fun, why are you instagramming at all times? Yeah dude...I see there's a ferris wheel. It's the same effing ferris wheel that everyone is posting. And the same one that everyone posted in 2013...and 2012... and 2011.............   .... .. ..           

1 coachellagram?  Dope! So jelly, wish I could be there too.

2 coachellagrams?  Okay...    you're kind of annoying. Put your phone down and start dancing.

3+ coachellagrams of the same shit that everyone else is also posting?  Don't care.

But maybe you care about what I'm wearing today? It's Coachella inspired! And if I was there, I wouldn't be coachellagramming every two seconds, I would be in a video game with my friends wondering why we can't just all live in the Sahara Tent forever. I'm not saying that makes me better than coachellagrammers, I'm just saying.....well, maybe that is what I'm saying. But that's probably the bitterness talking since I didn't get to go. So who's the lame one now? Peep that ish:
Photos by Sam Stenson

Wilfred dress
Bracelets made by Maddie Lismore aka Dove. Soon to be sold at Pipe & Row
Saltwater sandals
Homemade crown by mi madre, Laurie Francis. She's the best.